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Squiggles hall of music

Hi, and welcome to my hall of music! I have decided to make this site active again to express what I love the most, music. This page is intended to be a collection of my work, that I've composed here at home. Some may sound garage band-ish, but some sound rather nice and studio quality. I don't sing, many people know why. I wouldn't want to sell any of my music because it is merely a hobby of mine and I hope to get myself known. I'll be adding to this page as I record more, which I do quite often. Have fun, and send me any comments if you like I'll add some contact info at the bottom.

My equipment

Misc original guitar mixdowns

Here are some of the stereo recordings I've done both on my 6 string Ibanez acoustic and my electrics. These files are hosted on mediafire, so when you click these links the download will not automatically begin. When the page loads, click the link that says "click here to start download"

guitar1 - Kind of a jazzy choppy sound I pulled from a Jack Jonson song. It's not picture perfect but it works. Played on acoustic Ibanez.
guitar2 - An Italian sounding groove with some hand chops. Played on acoustic Ibanez
guitar3 - a relaxed song I wrote from scratch, played on acoustic Ibanez.
guitar4 - rock power chord progression starting on G with palm mute. Not really all that impressive. Played on acoustic Ibanez.
Rock full band - Well this isn't really a full band. I used pro session samples for the drum loops, and I used the GNX3000 and mixed it down with adobe. Definitely the best as of July 2008! I used 2 guitar tracks but after about an hour I got it right. Played on Electric Ibanez pictured above to the left.
Rock full with bassThis is the same track as above but with a bass line. My teacher let me borrow an Ibanez bass and this is the only recording I used it with.
slow rock groove - I like this one the guitar is mono until the end where it booms out into stereo when I hit the last E major. Wasn't supposed to end up that way but it sounded good so I left it. Same deal, I used my pro session samples from striker and my gnx. Played on Electric Ibanez.
first acoustic song - It's mono unlike the other ones. I remember doubling the volume and adding some weird echo to it but it would be better if I had refined it a bit more. Once again played on the acoustic Ibanez.
short chorus rif - Just something I made up from a C9 I played through the gnx. Played on Les Paul.
Jammin grooveHere is my attempt to play Mobey Dick in stereo and trying to make it sound syncopated. It didn't work very well. I through in a little remix in the end, but it doesn't sound terrible. I had to record 2 separate tracks for this one. Used the Ibanez and GNX.
Whatever with guitarThis is one of my favorites although I screw up in a few places. This is the whatever drum file with a guitar rif over that.
Mapex from left

drum samples

I also play drums although they are located elsewhere and don't always have access to them, but I do have some recordings I have refined. They are stereo and are some of my better ones. I've played them since I was 6.

random stuff - By far the best drumming I've done yet. Played on My mapex Pro M series 5 piece set.
whatever - Well a lot of people know Godsmack is my favorite band, and both Tony Rombola and Shannon Larkin were 2 of my biggest influences of my music. In this sample I start off doing some random stuff then it transitions into the song, Whatever. I love how I did it too.
Voodoo - Since I got Godsmack's newest album that was released back in 2006, I figured I would make another rendition of the new voodoo song. I mess up in a few places but it is ok.
random 2 - This clip has some stuff from Drowning pool, and some Led Zeplin.

Skype raps

some of you know me for the skype remixes and raps I've made, so I'll post them here. Some of them are inside jokes, so you might not understand all of them but they are funny nonetheless. If you aren't technically savvi, you may not understand them. Once I began doing these raps, my friend Juan became adicted and we've compiled many hilarious raps.

the ultimate skype rap - By far the funniest skype rap I made this summer!. Everything was done with adobe audition, skype recordings and rap beat loops I found on the internet and a radio station's website that I listen to.
Shaun and Juan rap - I figured I'd make fun of my friends Shaun and Juan, and this is the end result!
I couldn't think of a name, skype rap - I couldn't think of a name, but it has some random people from random confrences I hosted.
Crazy skype rap - I, for whatever reason, was fasinated with studdering things in this rap.
Mike rap - Well I felt like making my friend Mike look like a complete idiot!
Stick with it finalJuan sure put me to shame when it came to really making it groovy and taking comments the wrong way! Awesome stuff!
Look for more soon!

Contact info

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